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Internet Services (IS) is a privately held company.  You may communicate with IS with our online contact form here.

Internet Services focuses on providing services businesses need to operate successfully on the Internet or through the Internet while having physical locations too. Provision of these services are done through various IS businesses; each having their own brand(s) and operation. When beneficial, we share resources of the different businesses and cross marketing is done to increase sales.

All aspects of our operation are done in a family manner.  A family company.  A family of customers.  A family of vendors.  A family of partners.  A family of affiliates.  A family of brands.  A family of businesses. 

Here is a partial list of services IS is involved in or expected to be involved in or consults for:

  • Internet connection or access: DSL, T1, T3, OC3, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, WiMax, IPA allocation and Services.
  • Network Installations: Office or Home Office or Commercial Wireless Network installations, Wired Network Installations.
  • Data Center Services.
  • Remote Technical Assistance and Office Administration: Providing dedicated personnel to remotely provide IT help and/or office administration tasks.  Clients can avoid hiring fulltime or part-time employees when their need for such things is limited.
  • Domain Name Registration and related domain services.
  • Web Hosting: Websites, Emails, Databases, Folder sharing and password online protection, Archives/storage, FTP, online ecommerce and/or shopping carts, Blogs, Events/Calendars, Website Builders (site maker/Site builder).
  • Search Engine Services: Search engine submission, Search engine site optimization.
  • Fax via email and PC with real national phone numbers.
  • Advertising: Website ad displays or rentals. Outdoor display advertisements streamed via wireless/wired Internet.
  • Internet Phone services: Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone services that use either public Internet or non-public Internet methods.
  • Credit card processing and/or Merchant accounts.
  • SSL Certificates: Digital Security certificates to create encrypted connections like https.
  • Full turnkey instant business creations for Resellers that want their own brand, site, control of operations and pricing.
  • Personal Assistants and Employee Rentals on a part time, full time, and hourly basis.
  • Website Design, Graphic Design, and Software development.
  • Internet and/or Internet related hardware or software Security Services.
  • Other Professional Services via Internet: Financial, book keeping, accounting, legal, and other professional services through Internet for businesses.


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